Major police operation after drunk man reacted badly to being woken from pub nap


More than 30 police officers in 16 squad cars were sent to deal with a Wetherspoon punter who kicked off after being woken up.

The man, 39, was arrested after reacting so aggressively when he was roused that a panic button was pressed in the Sir John Moore pub in Glasgow on Tuesday.

The alert meant that all of the emergency responders came at once, sparking fears of a ‘terrorist incident’ among some witnesses when they arrived on Argyle Street shortly after 8pm.

Paul Carroll, 62, a labourer from Maryhill, has estimated that up to 20 police cars were at the scene.

He said: ‘I thought it was a terrorist incident when all the police cars turned up outside.

‘There were 15 on this side of the street and four on the other and two others that left. It was crazy. I couldn’t believe my eyes as they all ran into the pub.’

Officers can trigger the panic alarm if they are threatened verbally or fear physical violence, prompting nearby colleagues to react.

But another onlooker named Carol Qua, 57, has criticised the police for their reaction, given the small-scale incident.

The catering supervisor from Castlemilk said: ‘Someone could be getting murdered somewhere in the city and there’s 20 cop cars here for this. It was unbelievable.’

A spokesman for JD Wetherspoon said: ‘Circumstances meant that more police attended the incident than normally would have been expected.

‘If Police Scotland felt that was the appropriate response, then we will support them in that.’

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: ‘Police Scotland can confirm a 39-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a disturbance within premises on Argyle Street in Glasgow.